Chaos Quadragesima: A 40 day Sigil Magick Challenge

A little while ago we did the STAR RUBY CHALLENGE, which went really well for most people involved and there was plenty of great feedback over on the Discord. Since then people have been asking when is the next magic challenge and what will it be? Well, good people of the internet – the time has come!

The very basic idea is that we are going to steal the Christain Lent (or Quadragesima) for a 40 Day Chaos Magic Sigil Working.

Starting this Wednesday, February 17th 2021, the challenge is to do a sigil a day for forty days.
[EDIT: In the whole “you learn something new everyday category” Just been reliably informed that lent is actually 46 days – they don’t count the Sundays for some reasons. So you have a few options – do 46 days of sigils. stop after 40 days, or don’t do sigils on a Sunday 🙂 ]

That’s the very basic version of it and with that knowledge, you could probably just skip the rest of this post.

However, there is a suggestion below on how you can complicate and deepen the challenge it if you so choose. If you don’t know what a sigil even is, then have a look at this amazing lecture by Grant Morrison.


To make things a bit more interesting and to give a sort of framework to the sigil targets I intend to use a rotating Elemental Timetable for my sigils.

Basically, I will do sigils each day that relate in some way to a particular element – EARTH, AIR, FIRE, WATER and SPIRIT (or Ether, or whatever word you like here). I’m going to start with EARTH on day one and then work through the next element each day until I’m back at EARTH again – repeat 8 times and we complete the 40 days.

You can go as deep as you want with this and perhaps include Planetary hours, Moon phases, whatever floats your boat. I’m just going to stick with an element a day and not do anything further than that.

Briefly, the elements break down as follows — but do your own research on these, as opinions differ greatly on what each element actually includes:

Earth represents the physical material world. Good sigil targets would be aimed at things such as finances, business, fertility, home life, family, shelter, physical items, housing.

Air represents the mind and intellect – logical thinking. Working it out rather than feeling it out. Good sigil targets would be aimed at increased knowledge and learning, improved communication, expressing yourself better verbally, Improving mental clarity and outlook, problem-solving etc. Mental magick such as New Thought would fall under this element.

Fire is about passions and ambition but also illumination and enlightenment. It also includes anger and destruction. Good sigil targets would be anything around banishing or removing, furthering your ambitions, getting spiritual clarity or awakening, motivation etc.

Water is about emotions such as love, happiness, compassion, empathy, depression, sadness, joy – feeling overthinking. It has a good connection with the Moon so anyone who is including Moon Phases in the challenge could really go to town here. Good Sigil targets would include getting emotional harmony, increase love in your life, reduce sadness, increase calmness – though be aware that any of the spikier emotions such as anger or jealously etc would probably be more suited to the FIRE element.

SPIRIT/ ETHER This one you will really have to make your own mind up. You could go down the route of it being “energy” in the sense of how energy is used in Reiki, Tai Chi, New Age thought etc. You could see SPIRIT as a way to connect to Divinity, or Soul, or Spirit. You could see it as potential, or primordial chaos. Decide what Spirit means to you and then find suitable sigil targets.


So, there are a million ways to activate a sigil you can choose your own personal favourite. The most commonly touted activation is the “wank method” where you stare at your sigil at the point of orgasm when your mind briefly dips into pure Divinity or “gnosis”. Try it if you feel that’s for you – some people really swear by it.

Other ways include getting to any high emotional state and at the zenith looking at the sigil – music, anger, fear etc can work for this. Some people suggest that you just stare or meditate on it until it feels “done”. Posting it online has worked very well for me, as has leaving them in public places (sometimes I include coins sitting on top of them). Sometimes I burn them and sometimes I don’t even do anything to activate them and they still work out.

For this Challenge, I am going to make my sigils and then transfer them into a black paged notebook and keep them all together as one big collection.

This is similar to the idea of SHOALING which suggests that sigils created together as “a shoal” starting manifesting together and become magically connected. The trick to it is that you include a sigil for something that you know will definitely happen (the robofish) with the idea that when this event occurs as planned it kickstarts the manifestation of all the other sigil targets.

Perhaps Shoaling isn’t for you though, you might prefer to keep all your targets separate, or collect them in respective elemental categories, have every complete cycle of the 5 Elements a separate shoal, or simple not collect them at all.

Do your own thing.

If you want you can post them over in the AIWW Discord each day. There will be a dedicated channel for this challenge.


I am going to add a few extra bits to the forty days too, just to add to the overall buzz. Being that Quadragesima denotes a season of preparation by fasting and prayer, I’m going to stay off alcohol for the full forty days and eat only one meal a day. The OMAD thing I do quite often so it’s familiar to me, and it takes a while to get used to and certainly isn’t for everyone, though you may want to include some sort of fasting or sacrifice for the forty days – or not!

All of this is merely suggestion – do what works for you.

And that’s it!

Make it as simple or as complicated as you want but the TL;DR is: do a sigil a day for 40 days starting this Wednesday.

* * *

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