The Forty Servants Are Free!

Hey all,

OK, so I get a lot of emails and PMs asking if you have to buy The Forty Servants deck or own the Grimoire to be able to work with the Servants, and my answer has always been “No, you can work with the Servants without buying anything”. You never have to pay a single penny to work with The Servants. You can, of course buy the Deck, the Limited Edition DeckThe Grimoire or get Altar Card Art Prints if you want, but that’s really all optional and always has been from the start.

And yet, I frequently get hostile messages saying that I should give everything away for free, and it is immoral of me to charge dirty stinking money for this magick that should be available to everyone. I really don’t know how to reply to these people. I do tell them that it is all available free but that doesn’t seem to appease them in any way, and when I ask them what it is that I could actually do that would make them happy they never really have an answer. People, eh?

That said, I understand that money is an issue for lots of people round the world, it was for me for years, so I know how it goes. There are huge amounts of people who simply cannot afford to buy a deck or a book, or whatever, and that’s why I give most of what I do away for free. For instance, the content on this blog is free, the podcast is free, the videos are free, and the Forty Servants group is free.

And working with The Forty Servants is free.

Now here’s a video:


So, here is the list of all the resources you will need to work with The Forty Servants, all of it free:

– If you want to use the Forty Servants for divination then use this handy GIF. (here’s some mirrors 1 2 3 4)
– If you want to know what each of The Servants represent, then check out HERE*
– If you would like a Quick Guide then HERE is a 4 page PDF that you can print if you desire.
– Looking for Comparison Guides and Tables?
– Want the images without paying for printable versions here’s LOW RESOLUTION VERSIONS.
– Here’s a Link to THE UNIFYING SIGIL.
– Looking to use the SIGILS? Here’s Page One and here’s Page Two, both pages are printable.
– The Facebook group is HERE with the Brazilian group HERE and the Spanish HERE 
– The Old Guidebook is also available in Spanish HERE! 
– The Quick Guide is available in ITALIAN HERE!

– Not sure where to start?  Then check out How to start working with The Forty Servants

So, everything you need to work with the system for both Magick and Divination is all available free for everyone. Purchasing the other stuff, or joining my Patreon does really help me to continue to do what I do, and if you can support me than that’s great, but it’s not a prerequisite to using The Forty Servants. The Forty Servants feed on attention, and get more powerful with use, so use them freely as ultimately it all works to everyone’s advantage.

I hope this helps. At the very least I know have a link I can send those hostile people along with a “Well actually…” reply, and at the very best we will have lots of new people using The Forty Servants, so it’s all win as far as I am concerned.

Good people of the internet, I will talk to you next time. Be well!


*These are been slowly updated with the newer descriptions from The Grimoire Of The Forty Servants,
it just takes time and I haven’t had a lot of that recently. But it’ll happen.




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– Buy The Forty Servants

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10 Replies to “The Forty Servants Are Free!”

  1. What kind of person would expect you to give this away for free??? No one else who designs divination systems does that, so why would they think you should do that?? Do they work for free??? ?‍♀️ SMH

    1. Thanks! I’ll remove it. It was the link to the old and terrible PDF which is now defaunt since the proper tarnslation is being published in Brazil.

  2. Wow! Thank you for sharing the low resolution free version. I quit my original job and haven’t been working consistently at my current job. So money isn’t balanced yet. I have been in the fb group for awhile. More observing how people work with the servants. When I am ready, I will definitely print and work with those. Then buy a deck, when I get to a decent place financially.
    Thank you again.

  3. I personally thank you. At this moment in my life I really couldn’t afford to pay, so I very much appreciate you allowing us the pleasure. Its always nice to remember those who have shown kindness with gestures like yours, and as life is a merry go round I am positive at some point I will repay your Kindness’s and buy the cards and art work etc. Thanks again.

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