Little Magic

I have said it before that we as dedicated students of the Occult can sometimes get lost in the Big Magick that we forget about the Little Magick. Well, I really shouldn’t try to speak for any of you, I should only ever speak for myself so I will say that the more I learn, the more I realise that it’s the Little Magic that actually changes everything more than the Big Magic.

I used the Eclipse this morning to do a ritual which included writing down all the smallish things I would like to see changing in my life. By smallish I mean things like Having More Fun rather than becoming Independently Wealthy or what have you. My list was more or less filled with things like having more patience, having more fun, not taking things so seriously,increasing the joy... you get the idea. Now, things are big Ideas and some of the areas will certainly be part of my Big Magick Workings too, but the reason I call this Little Magick is because I can also totally concurrently work on these things in a mundane way as well. I don’t have to wait round for the magic to arrive to.


Moment by moment I can work on myself to become better at having more joy. Next time I get too serious about something I can pull back and change my mind and move towards my joy goal. I can allow myself, in tense and worrying moments, to try to let go and bring a bit more relaxation and happiness into the moment. I can try to stop getting annoyed because I am left waiting for someone*.

This, of course, begs the question “Why bother doing Magick for this sort of stuff if you can just do it yourself?”. Well, for a starter, I need all the help I can get with some of these changes. I can all too easily slip into sadness or melancholy and sometimes I can’t stop myself from falling down that black pit. Secondly, doing a Magick ritual for this stuff implants the destination directly into my brain. For me, the ritual re-enforces and propagates the idea:This is what I am doing and I am serious about these things. Thirdly, Magick works and no matter how much I can achieve on a mundane level, Magick will increase that. A lot.

The lesson I have learned recently is that after you do Magick**, the first thing you should ask yourself is what can I do that will work towards attaining the goal. What part do I have to play in this? What can I bring to the pot? What can I do to move in the right direction? There is usually always something.

So maybe, write down a list, check it twice and work on some things magically and mundanely and let me know how you get on.


*That’s a huge thing for me, if we ever plan to meet, please be on time 🙂

**Of course, if you are doing the Do Magick and Then Forget You Did It method then this isn’t for you. I also do stuff like that as well, but I am constantly trying to come up with  new ways and new means. For me, Magick should always be moving and changing, taking new forms, and finding new directions.