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Update at the end.

So, I have had up and down success with Sigils over the years, usually down, if I am honest. Most seemed to have zero effect what-so-ever but some kinda worked. The ones that kinda worked were those Sigils that were very open, less precise, less exact in the desired outcome. For example: Sigils for money, work or employment are extremely less successful for me than Sigils for “finding new music”, “Good News” or “Getting Free stuff”. The Sigils that work for me are usually for things that would probably happen anyway whether or not I did any enchantment for them, so my “successes” don’t feel any way concrete enough for me to prove the efficacy or usefulness of Sigil Magick. Some people swear by them, but as Nick Dutch points out “People.Claim.Shit”.

Having said that, I have had a few Spooky results. Nothing too exceptional, but I have managed to Sigil for people to say things – and they later said the exact wording I wanted but usually out of the context I was looking for. I was going through a period where I was enchanting for events that would only happen if I got the actual change I was looking for. For example: instead of enchanting for receiving a particular book, I would enchant for the event where I finished the book and put it back on my shelf. Or instead of enchanting for a particular job, you enchant for people congratulating you on getting the job. These had an interesting effect sometimes, where you might have someone say the exact words you were looking for but in a jokey or sarcastic way. Sometimes Someone else would say the words, sometimes a character in a film would say them. But again, nothing solid enough to warrant any excitement. Think of any statement and you will be pretty much guaranteed someone will say it to you if you wait long enough.

sigilsMy latest tests are for placing Sigils on roads and footpaths so that other people see them, like a Spirit Offering only it’s a Sigil Offering. My latest one was a sigil placed on a walk bridge over a river. It was drawn on a post-it note and I placed a handful of coins on it. The Sigil was to get paid money I am owed for a job I did last October. It sigil was activated by chanting and by a technique whereby I look at the Sigil on a post-it and shake the paper until it looks like the sigil is moving on the paper, kinda like that trick you can do to make a pen look like it is bending and floppy. I placed it on the bridge yesterday evening so I’ll keep you all informed if anything interesting happens.

What’s your best and worst Sigil experiences? Or are you like me and they are mostly Meh?

UPDATE: Got a response from the client who owed me money – His life has fallen apart, his ex-wife cleared out all his bank accounts, he lost his house and is living on a friend’s couch. I’m pretty sure I won’t be getting my money, at least not for the foreseeable future. This experiment must go down as a fail, for the time being anyway.

UPDATE 2: I got the money!

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