My Week in the Occult – Week 4: 2016

In a blend of old and new, this week I have been mostly watching, reading and listening to…

Why I Can’t ‘Do It’ With Atheists
There’s More to Meditation Than Meditation
Iceland Is Officially Worshiping Norse Gods Again
Revealing the Secrets of Tibetan Inner Fire Meditation
Early Egyptian Queen Revealed in 5,000-Year-Old Hieroglyphs
Bowie Is Apparently a Frequent Guest Star in People’s Hallucinations
Harvard Trained Professor Claims He Can Communicate With ETs.

Gordon talks Hermeticism with Gary Lachman
The Unexplained RV’s Hitler
Stuff they don’t want you to know about Gnosticism
It’s all happening with Alex and Allyson Greyn and Duncan Trussell
VH Frater BT  with Lon Milo DuQuette


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