My week in the Occult – Week 1: 2016

In a blend of old and new, this week I have been mostly watching, reading and listening to…

What are you enchanting for?
Dillon talks about his previous Life
Chris talks about that Ol’ New Age Thing 

Jason Louv on the Cult of Nick
Jason Miller talks Sex on Higherside Chats – Earlier episode HERE
Gordon and Cat talk RAW

Ramsey Dukes on Magic and Religion, the individual and society
“Another tension between magical and religious cultures – the isolation of the individual. Is the one versus the many a true picture? I suggest not.” PART 1 PART 2PART 3

Sunday Heroes – Consider the Lily – Matthew

Gurdjieff: An Epic Life

Geraldine Beskin of the Atlantis Bookshop presenting on: Aleister Crowley and Dion Fortune Sexologists, at TheVisible College.

The Matrix Is Real
If you can get past the YouTubeyness of the editing, this is a pretty decent intro to The Universe is a Simulation theory.

Peter Forshaw on John Dee’s Monas Hieroglyphica

A Glorious Accident
Six scientists talk about their visions on their work and the world

The Satanic World Explained
In this video, Gavin Baddeley explains the satanic world and how it is portrayed in the media.

Manly P Hall – The Love of Truth



Occult Funny
Occult Funny