Week in the Occult – Week 47: 2016

A blend of old and new, links from the Occult, Paranormal, Esoteric, Spiritual, Supernatural, Weird Science and High Strangeness realms…

A bit of a quiet one this week.

Mysterious Mummified Monk May Be Moving
– The Mystical World of Mysterious Books of Magic
– Exorcism School Opens in Argentina For Non-Priests
– Mysterious New “Ritual Complex” Found Near Stonehenge
– A Road Map to Learning Healing / Magick
– Trump’s Occult Supporters Believe ‘Meme Magic’ Got Him Elected
– Occult Americans
– Ouija: The Forbidden Interview
– Jesus Was an Alien
– The Forty Servants are starting to arrive!
– UFO Disclosure May Take Place Before Trump Takes Office
– Hear Vincent Price’s Rare How-To on Selling Your Soul to the Devil
– Why Our First Alien Encounter Could Happen Soon
– Did NASA Mars Rover Find a Signature of Past Life?
– 1,800 Studies Later, Scientists Conclude Homeopathy Doesn’t Work
– Scientists Seek to Update Evolution
– See an Actual Contract Signed by the Devil Himself


Lovecraft with Peter Levenda
– The Dawn of Artificial Intelligence
– Suzanne Giesemann’s medium readings
– Gnosticism: From Nag Hammadi to the Gospel of Judas
– A History of Western Philosophy

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Don’t Be a Jerk: And Other Practical Advice from Dogen – Brad Warner
– Liber Null & Psychonaut: An Introduction to Chaos Magic
– Modern Magick: Twelve Lessons in the High Magickal Arts
– The Golden Dawn: The Original Account of the Teachings
– Master of the Mysteries: New Revelations on the Life of Manly Palmer Hall

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Author: Tommie

Tommie Kelly is an Artist and Writer, but not always in that order. He has published a number of Comics, some of which are about music, though they're all mostly about magic in some way. Tommie believes creating art is the biggest magickal act there is and is firmly in agreement with Alan Moore that Art=Magic. He also created the Forty Servants.