The Forty Servants Super Novena

The Forty Servants Super Novena

One of the things that caught me by surprise was that people wanted some sort of way of introducing themselves to the Servants, and vice versa, when they received their deck.

The reason I think I overlooked this important step is that I never felt I had to introduce myself to the Servants.  I spent so many hours in their company when I was creating them and I guess, I just forgot that other people didn’t have this same experience.

So while the following ritual can be used as a first ritual you do with the servants it is not limited to only the beginning of your relationship. This Ritual can be used at any time to work with all the Servants on bigger Magickal workings. Use it when you feel your Magick practice needs a super charge.

However, in doing this Super Novena* you will need to be much stricter in your discipline. The introductory version is much more relaxed.

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The Forty Servants

The Forty Servants


Starting with THE ADVENTURER and going through the Servants alphabetically you will pick out one card a day and place it on your altar (or someone that feels powerful to you). Light a tea light candle as an offering and say the following (out loud if possible):

I call on you Great Servant _________ to come to me so I may know you. I am _________, the master and ruler of this domain.  You are the servant known for _______*, Come forth and introduce yourself to me.

Ever obey me, Great Servant and ever please me. ** In return I will offer you acknowledgement and sustenance so that your energy and fame increase.

Give me a sign that you have heard my call and have come forth to welcome me as your master and friend.

*List qualities and attributes of the individual servant as you see them.

**If you are doing the super Novena version then also add your intention or wish at this point.

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If you are using this as a Super Novena then this must be a strict unbroken forty continuous days – one servant a day. If you miss a day you have to start again from the First Servant.

This can be a bit more relaxed when using it as an introductory ritual. That said, if it is possible, try to do the forty days unbroken. I know people will want to get into working with the Servants straight away, so a forty day introduction ritual may just be too long and tedious.

So you can do more than one Servant a day if you so desire, and indeed continue from where you left off if you miss a day. Each Servant gets an individual candle offering and prayer even if done on the same day. If you are doing a number of Servants on the same day make sure to a rest period between each servant – don’t do them all at the one time.

Let me know how you get on!

*Yes, I know Novenea means nine, but I couldn’t come up with a better name for it.

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4 Replies to “The Forty Servants Super Novena”

  1. Hey tommie! I started reading everything you have about the forty servants. The brazilian portuguese pdf helped a little, I’m taking the english version on your site. I have a doubt. Lets say I make the ritual to call the energy of the adventurer servant for new adventuries, when I decide that I have already done with this new adventuries, I just banish it? How? putting the card on fire or something like that.

    Thanks for everything.

    1. You could banish by burning a piece of paper with the sigil on it, but really all you need to do is tell her to stop, thank her for all her help and then give an offering or a thanks. Candles work well, as do publicly thanking them,

      1. Wow! You answered! Thanks! And, as I read, you recommend starting with the saint, making the ritual for forty days for him and then the ritual for any other servant.

        Thanks again Tommie. I’m listening your podcast as well, the one with the 5 tips for a better life is awesome, everyone should listen.

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