Ok, so here’s the deal. We are doing another Full Moon group Ritual over in The Forty Servants Facebook group. I asked for ideas on what the theme should be and It was suggested that because of the eclipse element Curse work or banishing work would be the best fit.

Here’s how Goritsa Svortsan explained it:
“It’s a partial Lunar Eclipse, and you can’t really do an ordinary Full Moon ritual during an eclipse because of the involvement of the Dragon. You would need to filter out a lot of shit in order to get to the eclipse’s power – it’s like poisoned water. So if you don’t know how, better not mess with it.”

She continued: “here is an old pictorial representation of a Lunar Eclipse – see how the Dragon is “eating the Lights”. The Dragon is the Lunar Nodes of the Moon (the North Node is the Head of the Dragon, the South Node is the Tail) – and these Nodes are always conjunct the Lights during eclipses. The combination of the Nodes with the Lights is pretty nasty, and if you plug into this with a ritual… well, the usual effect is that you LOSE. You lose people, you lose things, etc. Something “eats the Lights” in your life.”

Here’s the image:

Lunar Eclipse


So, what I propose is that we all check here to see what the local time is for the Full Moon, and if it suits you that we all do the working at the exact time of the full moon. If it doesn’t suit you then get as close as you can, or do whatever you need to.


  1.  Find a quiet place where you can perform the ritual without being disturbed. Switch off phones and anything that beeps for attention.
  2. Take several big breaths – in through the nose and out through the mouth. Feel you lungs fill first from the bottom, then the middle and then the chest.
  3. Return to your normal breathing pattern.
  4. If you have a banishing ritual you normally perform do that now, if not then you can clear the working area by repeating “Hekas, Hekas Este Bebeloi” (“Afar, Afar, O ye Profane!”) while turning in an anti-clockwise direction pushing any “bad stuff” for miles in every direction using the back of your right hand. You can also burn incense such as sage or Palo Santo.
  5. If you want to connect with other people doing this ritual then get out The Unifying Sigil (you can find a digital copy of this in the files section of the Facebook group) and ask that you be connected to the rest of the group performing this ritual, then ask that the door to the shared sacred space that is to be used is opened to you. Try to feel a connection to the rest of the group. This can be a visualization, or just a feeling or general sense that you are connected and working together.
  6. Lay out the entire deck in front of you (if you have room) or just have them in front of you in the box (Facing north is good, but not always possible).
  8.  Add any personal petitions or desires you have and include any other servants you want to include at this point. You don’t have to do this, just if you want to.
  9. Light candles, incense or give any offerings you want in any style you choose, to the entire deck of Servants.
  10. Thank the Servants, thank the rest of the group, and either then return your deck to where you normally keep it or place it on the altar or somewhere you feel is auspicious.
  11. To close clap your hands once loudly having the intention that this is marking the end of the working. Say “And it is done” or something that feels correct to you. Or if you have you own favorite closing technique just do whatever you normally would.
  12. Take photos or leave some feedback in the Facebook group so the rest of us can get to see/hear how it went for you.
So, for the #7 bit I am going to leave totally up to you. One suggestion would be to do some clearing or banishing of bad habits or traits, or toxic people and situations. The other suggestion to to “Curse All my Enemies, known and Unknown, bind them from doing me harm and return to them all negativity they have sent me increased tenfold” or whatever you want. I am probably going to do a banishing along with some bonus protection and warding.

Suggested Servants: The Depleted, The Opposer, The Devil. Possibly The Fixer.

Any questions or feedback or whatever, head over to the group and you will find a dedicated thread HERE!




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