On this week’s TaSTA myself and Spud talk about doing a challenge consisting of doing “The Star Ruby” banishing ritual every day for 30 days. On the podcast, Spud says no, but afterwards, I manage to convince him 🙂
We are going to start on Thursday 1st of October, so if you want to join us you have some time to prepare.
Well, I have avoided banishing rituals because when I did a regular LBRP back in the day it seemed to make my life worse – but I want to challenge that under more “scientific” conditions ie. take better and more comprehensive notes. Also, I want to shake my practice up a bit and try something I normally would avoid. Spud is doing it cos I bugged him enough to do it 🙂
Why should you do it? Because you want to and you understand the risks/ hoped benefits – no other reason.
Here’s the version of the ritual we will be doing: but feel free to use the alternative version from The Book of Lies, if that suits you better. Or indeed use the LBRP or some other alternative however If you are doing The Star Ruby then here is a handy audio pronunciation guide for the Greek parts:
Every day take a record of the ritual and anything else in the day that happens that you feel is relevant. It might be helpful to do it at the same time and in the same place every day but that’s up to you. You can post your daily thoughts on the Star Ruby Challenge channel over on the AIWW discord or just keep them to yourself. Here’s the link:
Any other questions or suggestion or whatever just head over to the Discord and we’ll get the chat going!