The Forty Servants decks (INCLUDING THE DICE!) are 33% until the 5th of May
Forty Servants Flash Sale

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I hope everyone is doing well. Just a quick email today to let you know that all the versions of The Forty Servants decks (INCLUDING THE DICE!) are 33% until the 5th of May if you use FLASHSALE33 at checkout over on Gamecrafter.

People in Europe have been saying that the Customs Charges their county applies are one of the reason that they have delayed getting a deck. So, hopefully, this 33% off Flash Sale should help lower the overall cost for people!

You can find all the decks here:

And you can find all the information about the Forty Servants (including free resources) here:

Buying a deck really helps me out and allows me to continue doing all the stuff I do. So, if you find value in my creative output please consider supporting my work!

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Forty Servants Standard deck


The Forty Servants is a 40 card Oracle Deck that can be used as a Divination system and a Magical system. Like other Oracle Card Decks, it can be easily used for Divination to gain insight on problems at hand, discover insights from the past, or look somewhat into the future. However, unlike most other Oracle Decks it has a second purpose -a Magical purpose. The 40 Characters of the Deck can also be used as Servitors (Or Thoughtforms/ Ideas/ Servants/ Powers/ Energies/ Archetypes) to get you more of what you want and less of what you don’t want.


The Forty Servants Travel Tin

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