The Brightness

In my last Necrophonic session I got a message that the best way to contact my HGA was to “Leave it underneath (Dig it) the brightness”. So I did a Randonaut with the intention of “The Brightness”. The target image on Goggle Maps looked very cool:  

What could it be? If you squint It almost looked like a horse’s head in a cage, but maybe it was something even weirder…

Life being what it is, I didn’t get to actually go out to the location until today and to be honest, it wasn’t terribly exciting in the end. It turned out to be an electrical pole. You can make the pole out on Goggle maps but I was hoping that there would be something else too.

Here are some photos:

263 doesn’t correspond to anything interesting Gematria wise but PINAR = 190 which is also Paimon, I Am A Pleiadian & most significantly: Angel Of God. Being that this was HGA related, that last one seems cool.

The Necrophonic message did say to bury/dig underneath the Brightness, so I did and took a rock home from me. I did sorta feel that I should have left something there but I just forgot to bring anything with me. That said, I do think the message on Necrophonic (“Leave it underneath (Dig it) the brightness”) is more saying “bury messages in the ground during daylight” rather than in a specific place, but I guess I can always go back.

All the same, the whole thing was lots of fun!

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