Now here's some free stuff I have done recently, and then I'll try to sell you some cool stuff...
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Hello, Good People of the Internet!

I hope you are all doing well.

First off, I want to mention to any of you who isn't a member of my Patreon that there is now a free tier you can join.

I post over there most days  — daily divinations, QOTD, the Blog Redux Series, and a host of other free stuff.

You can join (or leave) the paid Tiers at any time, too. Recently, Patreon allowed me to switch to a billing mechanism that charges you on the same date as you joined originally, rather than on the first of every month.

You can check it out here:

And I want you to know that your support in whatever capacity is very much appreciated. I sincerely thank all of you for the wonderful support you give me. It means the world to me.

Now here's some free stuff I have done recently, and then I'll try to sell you some cool stuff...



The Redux Series on Patreon, is a new series where I go back to my old blog posts from the AIWW site and see if I still align with them or if I have anything to add or subtract from them.

Maybe at the end, I'll put it all together as a book collection, or maybe I won't.  Next year is the tenth anniversary of AIWW, so a book collection would make sense. Time will tell, I guess.

Here's the posts so far in the series:


The AIWW Podcast returns in a new, rejuvenated state. I return to the old days with an audio only format but spiced up with some new theme music and a renewed vigour & enthusiasm to talk about my experiences in Magick, Mysticism, Spirituality & Creativity.

In the first episode, I give a brief overview of who I am, what my background is and what my plan is for the podcast.

In the second episode, I talk about my current cosmological views, which is essentially the love story of a divine couple resulting in divine offspring.

And in the third episode,
In this episode, I talk about my views and ideas around the whole notion of Thought Forms, Servitors, Egregores, Pendulums, Tulpas, Samskaras, Thought Entities and everything in-between.

It's available in all the usual places, but if you watch on YouTube or Spotify you'll see the cool visualiser I made for it.



During the week, I realised that I still have some Limited Edition Prints of a couple of things left in stock. I had to take the AIWW STORE down for a while because of some technical issues, and then forgot all about it.

Or more correctly, I deliberately forgot all about it because, for some reason, me and print making have not been getting on at all the last while. Even now I am in print making hell trying to get my Art Print pipeline back on track.

Anyway, here's what's currently available. All the rest should be back soon, if the gods look favourably upon me.

The Fixer Print

I really like this version of The Fixer though I was a bit hesitant to do it because The Fixer already has a dark reputation as it is. But I guess, I can either fight it or lean into it. So, I leaned.

There are about 7 or so of these left.


The Magick of Creation Limited Edition Print!
As you can see, with this one I choose three of The Servants – The Planet, The Seer, and The Mother.

This trio first appeared in the Forty Servants Daily readings that I was doing earlier in 2022, and I was immediately struck by how perfectly they aligned as one image. I then, upon further reflection, saw that this trio perfectly captures the process of creation — gathered influences seen through the lens of personal intuition and then physical manifestation. It's also a perfect expression of the process of Magick (The Act of Creation and The Art of Magick being inseparable).

The sigil alone pulses with magick and can be used for any magick, art, or creation ritual. There are deep mysteries revealed in this trio.

And look, I know that all sounds quite woo and probably sales pitchy, but if you know me, I'm not disingenuous when it comes to this stuff. I really feel there is mysterious deep wisdom to be revealed from this trio - and that is available to everyone whether or not they buy the print or not.

The Magick is for everyone, so use the Sigil freely.

Forty Servants Flash Sale

This is the cheapest the decks have been in a long time, so if you are on the fence about a deck, now would be the time to jump!

Use code FLASHSALE33 at Checkout to get the deal. You can find all the decks here:

And you can find all the information about the Forty Servants (including free resources) here:

And that's it for another AIWW Newsletter, I hope you got something from it. If you'd like to chat about you can hit reply to this email or come find me over on Discord.

If you would like to support me in doing all the things I do, then feel free to join the PATREON, Buy me a BOOK, Buy a PRINT, Buy a FORTY SERVANTS deck, Buy a NIDANA DECK, Get me something from my Amazon Wish List, or just send me some money via PAYPAL. It all really, really helps!

So, until next time,


My name is Tommie Kelly, and I’m an artist, musician, writer & Chaos Witch from Ireland. These periodical newsletters are about my adventures in creativity, spirituality, and magic. Probably also trying to sell you stuff too.

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