Planetary Prosperity Magick

Planetary Prosperity  Magick

I had an afternoon free to myself and I wanted to do a bigger and more involved Ritual than my normal daily routine. I decided to go with Prosperity Magick as money is always a good thing to have a round. Usually Money Magick is done in emergencies and this is certainly not the most opportune time. There is a huge element of panic involved in emergency Magick that usually effects the outcome, or lack thereof.

So, doing a working for better prosperity while my financial situation is quite good felt like a good thing. Think of it like keeping the fire going by adding more fuel.

If all the talk of Evoking Planetary Energies is too Woo Woo for you, I would suggest that this sort of exercise could still be helpful. Think of the Planets as part of your own psyche, or as archetypes of certain emotions or behaviours. For example, when you get angry you are the embodiment of MARS. You don’t have to believe that a god or a planet energy called MARS has taken over your body, it’s more that you are giving a name to a particular sensation, feeling or emotion.  This allows you to detach from the emotion or feeling and see it objectively. It allows you to see the anger energy as something that is separate from you and therefore somewhat in your control to act on it or not. This is also helpful for Meditation style exercises such as Vipassana or Noting, where you aim to see that all the things that arise are Not-Self.

The opposite also works. If you need to build yourself up to have a confrontation you could purposely choose to Invoke MARS by recalling that energy, feeling and that power that comes with it. Again, you don’t have to feel that Mars the God or Mars the Planet is actually in your body, but just a helpful way of engaging certain mental or emotion states.

So while some may laugh or look down at a person who claims that Saturn is limiting or oppressing them, for me it’s as good a description of a certain feeling as anything else. I certainly know how “Saturn” feels and naming it “Saturn Energy” or whatever you want, is a very helpful short hand to acknowledge an emotional energy or feeling. When I feel it entering my sphere of consciousness I can go: “Ah, I see you Saturn, I know it’s you”. Woo Woo or not, I find this labelling and noting to be very helpful.

The working was done on January 23rd 2016, which was a Saturday. The four Planetary hours used were sequential and the time between the hours was filled with mundane tasks.

Photo by Wyatt McCollum

Photo by Wyatt McCollum


The Banishing and Calling in of the Directions.

This is what he Great Beast described as the“new and more elaborate version” of the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram, first appearing in print in 1913 with the The Book of Lies. Like my Roman Ritual, it is useful for people who don’t want to use Abrahamic names in their Magick work as it uses using Greek instead of Hebrew, the God names are Egpytian, and the Angels replaced with Divine Presences from the Chaldean Oracles. It is worth noting that while the LRP is suitable for both invoking and banishing elemental forces, the Star Ruby is exclusively a banishing ritual.

Banishing clears the mind, the emotions and the area you are working in. It gets you into the right head-space for ritual.

The Invocation of the Four Gates from the World Between the Spheres

I really like the calling in of the Directions from The Necronmonicon. It feels good to say out loud and fills the role nicely of calling in the Elements. If you haven’t tried it, I would suggest having a go and seeing what you think. I get a lot of mileage out of the Necronmoicon, but as always YMMV.

Why do this? I find it a good reminder of the different elements that are in play in our lives. I don’t want to get too sidetracked here going into the elements, so I’ll come back to that in a future post.

I’ll include the Callings in full here:

Invocation of the North Gate

Thee I invoke, Silver Hunter from the Sacred City of UR!
Thee I call forth to guard this North Place of the Most Holy Mandal against the vicious warriors of Flame from the Principalities
of DRA!
Be thou most vigilant against the UTUKKI of TIAMAT
The Oppressors of ISHNIGARRAB
The Throne of AZAG-THOTH!
Draw Thy bow before the fiends of ABSU
Loose Thy arrow at the hordes of Dark Angels that beset the beloved of ARRA on all sides and in all places.
Be watchful, Lord of the North Ways.
Remember us, King of our Homeland, Victor of Every War and Conqueror over Every Adversary.
See our Lights and hear our Heralds, and do not forsake us.
Spirit of the North, Remember!

Invocation of the Eastern Gate

Thee I invoke, Mistress of the Rising Star.
Queen of Magick, of the Mountains of MASHU!
Thee I call forth this day to guard this Most Holy mandal against the Seven Ensnarers, the Seven Liers-In-Wait, the evil
Maskim, the Evil Lords!
Thee I Summon, Queen of the Eastern Ways, that thou mayest protect me from the Eye of Death, and the evil rays of the
Be watchful, Queen of the Eastern Ways, and Remember!
Spirit of the East, Remember!

Invocation of the Southern Gate

Thee I invoke, Angel, Guardian against the URULU Dread City of Death, Gate of No Return!
Do Thou stand at my side!
In the Names of the most Mighty Hosts of MARDUK and ENKI, Lords of the Elder Race, the ARRA, do Thou stand firm
behind me!
Against PAZUZU and HUMWAVA, Fiends of the Southwest Winds, do Thou stand form!
Against the Lords of the Abominations, do Thou stand form!
Be Thou the Eyes behind me,
The Sword behind me,
The Spear behind me,
The Armour behind me.
Be watchful, Spirit of the Southern Ways, and Remember!
Spirit of the South, Remember!

The Invocation of the Western Gate

Thee I invoke, Spirit of the Land of MER MARTU!
Thee I invoke, Angel of the Sunset!
From the Unknown God, protect me!
From the Unknown Demon, protect me!
From the Unknown Enemy, protect me!
From the Unknown Sorcery, protect me!
From the Waters of KUTULU, protect me!
From the Wrath of ERESHKIGAL, protect me!
From the Swords of KINGU, protect me!
From the Baneful Look, the Baneful Word, the Baneful Name, the Baneful Number, the Baneful Shape, protect me!
Be watchful, Spirit of the Western Ways, and Remember!

Spirit of the West Gate, Remember!

The Invocation of the Four Gates






Why? Mercury is great for flow, movement, and communication. All of these are necessary to having a steady income or flow of earnings.

-In the Hour of Mercury, I lit a candle in his honour and placed in in front of his symbol. I introduced myself and told him why I was calling upon him and what the nature of the entire working was about. I then asked for his blessing in my financial, prosperity and wealth Magick. I asked for the flow of money into my life be strong and easy. I spoke all of this out loud.



Why? The moon controls the tides and is connected with illusion.

-In the Hour of the Moon,  I lit a candle in its honour and placed in in front of it’s symbol. I introduced myself and told him why I was calling upon him and what the nature of the entire working was about. I asked that any illusions that I have that are stopping me  from having prosperity and abundance be now revealed to me so that I can overcome them. I asked that the flow of the tides work in my favour.

Why? Saturn is the task master. He is the guy who hold you back until you learn the lesson. Saturn doesn’t like to make things easy. He will push you and beat you until you start listening.

– In the Hour of Saturn, I lit a candle in his honour and placed in in front of his symbol. I introduced myself and told him why I was calling upon him and what the nature of the entire working was about. I asked that his limiting and oppression be lessened or removed so that I can receive the awards for work done. (Such as jobs  were I am owed money, books I had written to be more widely read and bought etc.). I asked that the effort I put in  is now returned with the correct award rather than seemingly no reward or very little return. I asked that if this was not possible, that at the very least could it be revealed to me why I am being limited so that I may learn and move past it. As it stand it just feels like I am being deliberately held back for no reason obvious to me, other than perhaps it is a punishment of some description. I asked for clarity and understanding.

Why? Luck and good fortune are associated with Jupiter. Jupiter is kind and benevolent and wants us to flourish.  Success, accomplishments and prosperity are all linked to Jupiter.

– In the Hour of Jupiter, I introduced myself and told him why I was calling upon him and what the nature of the entire working was about.  I lit a candle in his honour and placed in in front of it’s symbol. I asked for a blessing and for him to look favourably upon me in all financial and prosperity matters. I asked to be shown how best to allow the beneficial energy into my life and how to stop myself from causing blockages due to guilt, shame or feelings of unworthiness.

Photo by Katharina Jung

Photo by Katharina Jung

Lesser Invoking Ritual of The Pentagram.
I know it is usual to end workings with a banishing but this seems nonsensical to me. I have just evoked energies, why would I then banish them? Some would say it is to send them on their way to do their work, and I feel that a license to depart is perhaps a better idea here than a banishing. A banishing seems rude too.

My current rule is that if I Banish I will also Invoke. This seems logical to me, but I am also aware that by banishing Earth you are invoking Spirit, so the invoking may be redundant. That said, as money falls under the rule of the Earth element, I was extra eager not to banish any of that.

This may seem to all stem from a poor understanding of the LBRP but as a Chaos Magician I am more concerned with what I believe than what other believe so I’m going with my own instincts on this. Make your own path.


Hard to say and I learned a lesson from this: To really gauge the success of an operation you need a tightly defined desired outcome such as “€10,000 in my bank account”. If you don’t have that amount in your account then the working failed. So that’s worth keeping in mind for future efforts.

As there was no obvious moment or result that was called for in the above working it it is hard to judge the success. I did have a few unexpected monetary gifts within the last month though. Overall, my finances are still fine if not better. I am weeks ahead on bills, and have some spare cash in my wallet at the time of writing. Things are financially good currently, which is pretty sweet for a self-employed artist.

I’ll update if anything interesting occurs.