Week in the Occult – Week 48: 2016

A blend of old and new, links from the Occult, Paranormal, Esoteric, Spiritual, Supernatural, Weird Science and High Strangeness realms…

Clearing Your Personal Orbit 
Mausoleum Where a ‘Miracle’ Viking King Was Buried
– Rare White Rainbow Appears Over Scotland
– Why Fake Data When You Can Fake a Scientist?
– Humans With Super Mental Powers
– Einstein’s physics could soon be put to the test
– Turning Back the Aging Clock
– Depression in young people affects the stomach, anxiety the skin
– A Murmuration of Starlings
– Castro, The Gilmore Girls, And The Age of Memberberries
– Safety for Healers: How to Avoid Absorbing Ailments
– Graham Hancock Visits the Amazing Ishi-no-Hōden
– [NSFW] Nude Occult Rituals Staged Against Norway’s Stark Landscape
– Fake Science News Is Just As Bad As Fake News
– Physicists Uncover Strange Numbers in Particle Collisions
– NDEs in the ICU
– Bolivia’s Skull Festival
– Tesla is Powering an Entire Island With Solar Energy
The Man Who’s Made Robot ‘Children’ for 30 Years
– Google’s DeepMind AI can lip-read TV shows better than a pro
– There’s No Gravity, No Dark Matter, and Einstein Was Wrong
– Ancient Arizona Fertility Statues Depict Gender Fluidity
– We may be able to tap into our memories from infancy
– Earth’s Oxygen Levels Are Declining And Scientists Don’t Know Why
– Vaginas and Scientific Probing in the Age of Spiritualism
– Here’s What Placebos Can Heal—And What They Can’t
– Weird Discovery May Challenge General Relativity
– Arguments Persist Over Authenticity of Antarctic Pyramids
– Chinese Astronauts Hear Mysterious Space Knocking
– A Forgotten Adventure With a Telepathic Tribe
– Testimony of a Ghost Was Used to Convict a Murderer
– What our ancestors’ third eye reveals
The Forty Servants on Open Magick
– Ethical Collector of Human Bones
Something truly bizarre
– This App Lets You Know If Your House is Haunted
Is Anything Truly Random?
– Evidence of Strange Quantum Effect
Archaeologists find temple to wind god beneath supermarket
– Private plan to send Moon rover to Apollo 17 site
– Hoodoo? I think I am…


Happy Birthday Rune Soup Podcast With Scarlet Imprint
– Shamans of the Global Village
– Gnosticism: From Nag Hammadi to the Gospel of Judas
– The Lost Gospel of Judas Iscariot: A New Look at Betrayer and Betrayed

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– Master of the Mysteries: the Life of Manly Palmer Hall
– Suggestible You: A Remarkable Journey Into the Brain’s Ability to Deceive, Transform, and Heal (this is really good)
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