Clearing Your Personal Orbit

So, it has been awhile since I wrote a proper blog post and for that I apologise, but in my defence I did complete and release The Forty Servants so I wasn’t just sitting around twiddling my thumbs or just hanging out in Facebook, as much as appearances might suggest otherwise. For those interested in the Magick Primer series, the next part is about 75% written and it is on the topic of Servitors. Look out for that in the next week or so.

But onward to this blog post.

Over the last year, as those of you who have followed this blog will know, I have had an up and down relationship with Magick and the Occult. I had moments where I was convinced that it was nothing more than make-believe or wishful thinking – to other times where high strangeness could not be remotely ignored and Magick seemed so real while other times Magick seemed to work opposite to what I had desired.

This all accumulated in a pretty hefty Uncrosssing and banishing Ritual, which led me to using The Process, meddling and getting some good results with Shamanic Journeying,  some success trying to destroy those pesky limiting beliefs, and learning that is probably best not to resist life.

All that said, I guess my big question of the year was: Is it all worth it? Am I getting a decent Return on my Magick Investments?

Which brings me to this blog post. I want to share with you a little meditation-visualisation-ritual thing, that I feel brings together all the themes and topics I covered this year and wraps them up nicely into one little, but extremely powerful exercise. Out of all the things I have experimented with over the last while, this is by far the one that has had the biggest return on my investment.

You will be familiar with the ideas behind it if you have read my previous posts, but this ritual builds on all those ideas and also uses THE PLANET servitor from The Forty Servants. Don’t worry if you don’t have The Forty Servants, or have no interest in the deck, this can be done with or without it.

Clearing Your Personal Orbit

The basic premise behind this method is that as we go through life -events, memories, heartache, arguments etc. all get stuck in our personal orbits or in our personal gravity. To me, it is almost as if they are physical items floating around me. When we think or worry about them they come closer to us and they seem bigger and more important and when we aren’t thinking about them, they float slightly away, but still stay somewhere within our orbits. Think of the earth surrounded by millions of satellites and debris only it’s your body. I assume this is stuff is in your Etheric body, it feels that way anyhow.

All of this emotional debris smothers us, chokes us, and colours the way we see the outside world, and everyone and everything else. We are figuratively looking at the world through the cloud of our own emotional debris that we have gathered in our personal orbit.

Well, what I have found is that the most effective way for me to increase my magic ability and the success of my rituals is to not hold on to things. This is hard to explain because it can seem very similar to letting go, or staying clear of lust of result, or similar things. But it’s not quite any of them.

The best description I have found for it, is “Let the story write itself“. Do your magick, do your ritual, do whatever, and then let it do whatever it is that it is going to do. Don’t try to control it by worrying about it. Don’t indulge in mental films about it where you try to maneuver past any obstacles you see might get in the way. Don’t try to make it happen in the exact way you want (Like if it is money – don’t demand it come as a lottery win) – just let it write it’s own story.

I notice the more I spend trying to control life with my mind (ie. Worrying) the less effective I am as a Magician. The more I allow things to be as they want to be, the better it works out. And quicker.

Going back to our debris in Orbit Idea – when you worry, try to control or over-think the outcome of something, it feels (to me anyway) that you are bringing it much closer to you. Like your gravity is pulling iot closer and closer to your center. You can even feel this in your body – you tense up.

Clearing Your Personal Orbit

The solution, in my opinion, is not letting go, as you can still be very invested in it, and it’s not embracing it or forgiving it (if it is something that needs forgiveness) either- it’s about not resisting what it is, and letting it tell it’s own story or take it’s own trajectory.

Instead of keeping it close to us, in our personal gravitational field, we release it to the universe to find it’s own way. This can work for memories, painful thoughts or worry, as well as for magick, sigils or getting your desires.

The secret, I feel, is not holding on rather than letting go.

It’s hard to explain, and it may be best understood, like most things, from practice. So, onto the actual meditation. This is written out as a general clearing/releasing/ but can be adapted for a specific purpose such as a Sigil Activation, a memory release, or a general worry destroyer.

the-planet -Forty Servants


If you are using The Planet card place it in front of you and light a candle. Draw the Sigil in the air.

Close your eyes and calm your mind as best you can. When you are settled and relaxed, begin to visualise yourself as a huge planet out in space. Try to feel the vastness and hugeness of this planet and then notice the vastness of the space that surrounds you on all sides – including top and bottom.

When you have a good feeling for this, begin to notice all the debris that has accumulated around you – the planet – over the course of your life. See these as rocks, big and small, floating around within your gravitational field. Begin to see how much this debris is smothering you and how all these memories, moments, ideas, and worries have dulled your view of the rest of the universe. Feel how heavy they make you- how sluggish, burdened, soiled, and unclean.

Focus on one particular random large rock and notice that as you focus on it, it moves closer to you – getting larger and larger until it becomes all you can see. Notice how this affects your mood, your posture or your breathing. Now, simply let go of it and see what happens.

Then begin to breath deeply, and notice that it is you who is keeping all the debris in your orbit – you are the force that is holding all the different pieces close to you. Begin to realsie that you could just stop holding it.

Next, you are going to just switch off your gravity.

Just relax, feel yourself almost float – think of films of astronauts floating in space only you are still the planet. Don’t attract, don’t push away – just switch your personal gravity off. You can even visualise someone pulling a lever or pressing a button – this can help.

Breath out and let all the debris just do whatever it wants. If it wants to fly out to space let it – if it wants to stay in your orbit let it. Let each piece write it’s own story.

Feel your self expand as your orbit clears. Notice just how much you were holding on to all the rubble that surrounded you. Notice how much lighter your body feels and how deeper your breathing is. Look at the debris as it floats away from you and how uncluttered your orbit has become. See some rocks float way, way out into the blackness of space never to return.

Just let it all write it’s own story.

Keep this up for as long as you need and open your eyes when you are ready. If you are using The Planet Servant, thank it.

Now just go about your day!

If you are like me you will find the memories that come to mind during this ritual to be extremely interesting – events or people I haven’t thought about in years often come to mind. Afterwards there is a great sense of peace, that I hope you get too.

To use the above as a Sigil Activation method just visualise the sigil in your orbit, instead of the rocks. Bring it close to you, so it’s all you see, and then stop holding it, switch off your gravity, and let it do it’s own thing.

Same for worries or problem – they will probably be pretty close already so don’t bring them any closer – just realise that it is your gravity that is keeping them and just switch it off. You can just use a quick version of the ritual anytime you feel you are pulling stuff too close to you.

Hope that helps some of you, it really helps me – I like doing it just before I sleep just to let the day go – but I find it most helpful in letting go of stress or the need to control situations with my mind or worry. It is REALLY good for activating sigils or releasing any intention into the matrix.

Until next time…