Below is a table with the updated concise descriptions of the functions of each of The Forty Servants taken from the forthcoming THE GRIMOIRE OF THE FORTY SERVANTS, which will be available in both print and Kindle editions. However it will probably be easier for you to print out this handy 4 page A4 PDF version HERE!

Now, just a few updates and stuff.
As I am working hard on completing the Grimoire I may have to skip a few actual blog posts or updates or whatever, here and there over the next few weeks. I will try my best to always have new content though, so expect the next couple of posts to be along the lines of this one – where I make a helpful post out of something from the new book or something similar to that.

I want the Grimoire to be brilliant, so I don’t want to rush it. The original guidebook was far too rushed out the door, and because of that I feel there are many parts of it that confused people more than it helped them. I really don’t want to do that with the Grimoire.

When the Grimoire comes out that Guidebook will be removed from further circulation, and be replaced with this PDF and updated Servant descriptions here on the site.

HOWEVER, the book will have more information than what is available  for free on the site as I want to make sure that people who buy the Grimoire get their money’s worth out of it. For instance, the Grimoire will have individual Servant Prayers, Mantras, Keywords and a few other bells and whistles that won’t be available anywhere else.

The Grimoire will also have full page high quality images of each of the Servants too, so if strictly speaking, if only the Magick side of the Forty Servants interests you then you really only need the Grimoire to work with the system.

Anyway, here’s the updated cheat sheet quick guide:


The Adventurer This Servant shows us how to have adventure and excitement. She encourages us to break out of our comfort zones by trying out new things out there in the physical world.

The Balancer

This Servant show us how to keep our lives balanced and in harmony. She encourages us to keep all areas of our lives in equal proportion.

The Carnal

This Servant show us how to feel positive about our sexuality and physical bodies.  She encourages us to feel sexy, attractive and physically desired.

The Chaste


This Servant shows us that discipline and purity are also important elements of our lives. She encourages us to refrain from sexual desire and base physical pleasures and instead concentrate on a more purified existence.

The Conductor


This Servant show us how to take control of our life circumstances. He encourages us to take a more active role in orchestrating and arranging the events of our lives.

The Contemplator 

This Servant show us how to access our subconscious mind. He encourages us to temporarily let go of thinking about our problems so that the subconscious mind can find a solution.

The Dancer

This Servant show us that is perfectly human to fail or come up short. She encourages us to accept that sometimes things just don’t work out as planned and that’s perfectly fine.

The Dead

This Servant shows us our connection to our Ancestors, and humanity’s past. She encourages us to learn from the past, so that we don’t make the same mistakes over and over.

The Depleted 

This servant show us that all our resources have been used up in one area of our lives. It encourages us to take the time we need to replenish our stores and perhaps move in a new direction.

The Desperate

This Servant shows us that everything is currently as bad as it can get. He encourages us to recognise that the hell we are in.

The Devil


This Servant show us the beliefs we hold that restrict us and keep us from true freedom.  He encourages us to realise that we have placed these binds upon ourselves and can break free whenever we want.

The Explorer


This Servant shows us how to become a better person by exploring the depths of ourselves. He encourages us to be more committed to our personal development and to find our hidden talents and potential.

The Eye

This Servant shows us that there is a divine plan to all things. It encourages us to remember that all is as it should be.

The Father


This Servant shows us tough love, guidance, and wisdom so that we can face the challenges of life for ourselves. He encourages us to learn the lessons for ourselves so that we handle future problems with greater wisdom and insight.

The Fixer


This Servant shows us that any problem can be solved if we are willing to do what is needed. He encourages us to do what must be done to get the desired outcome we seek – no matter the cost.

The Fortunate


This Servant shows us how to be happy, healthy, wealthy and wise. She encourages us to recognise just how good life can be.

The Gate Keeper


This Servant shows us how to get into areas of our life that we feel locked out of. He encourages us to know that there is always a key to every door.

The Giver


This Servant shows us all the great gifts we have received in our lives. He encourages us to remember to always be generous and grateful as today you may be the giver but tomorrow you may be the receiver.

The Guru

This Servant show us how to apply any knowledge we have gained in a practical way. He encourages us to always try to implement the lessons learned from our spiritual insights into our day to day lives.

The Healer

This Servant shows us how to heal and recover. She encourages us to always look after ourselves and others.

The Idea

This Servant show us how to be original, inventive and creative. It encourages us to see that inspiration is always around us.

The Levitator


This Servant shows us how to rise above the drama in our lives so we can stay aloof and detached. He encourages us to try to see things from a different angle.
The Librarian This Servant shows us the theory behind the subjects that interest us. She encourages us to study, and ever increase our knowledge.

The Lovers


This Servant shows us how to love after the lust has subsided. They encourage us to connect on a deeper level with our partners so that sacred bonds are formed.

The Master


This Servant shows us how to be the best version of ourselves. He encourages us to always strive to act from our highest selves rather than our lesser natures.

The Media


This Servant shows us how to get the word out about things that are important to us. It encourages us to always remember the power of propaganda – both good and bad.

The Messenger

This Servant show us how best to communicate. It encourages us to aim to be always open to what life may be trying to tell us.
The Monk This Servant shows us how to keep our lives simple and uncomplicated. He encourages us to spend more time in meditation, introspection and contemplation.

The Moon

This Servant shows us that which is hidden in the darkness. It encourages us to acknowledge our self-deceptions, while also being mindful of the lies told by others, and the general illusions of life.

The Mother


This Servant shows us all about fertility, security and nurturing. She encourages us to feel safe and secure and to be mindful of our general well-being.


The Opposer


This Servant shows us how we are being restricted by outside forces. He encourages us to face the opposition and restrictions imposed on us by others.

The Planet


This Servant shows us our place in creation. It encourages us to remember just how immense and awe inspiring the universe is.

The Protector

This Servant shows us how to protect ourselves and our loved ones from harm. It encourages us to value protection, security and safety.

The Protester


This Servant show us how to fight against injustice. She encourages us to speak our minds, push for what we think is right, and never back down.

The Road Opener


This Servant show us how to clear, banish and remove the obstacles in our path. He encourages us to recognise the opportunities that are appearing around us.

The Saint


This Servant show us how to ask for help. He encourages to seek out experts who are more equipped then us for the task at hand, or who can intercede on our behalf.
The Seer This Servant shows us how to use our intuition and inner guidance system.  She encourages us to always go with our gut instincts.
The Sun This Servant shows us how to shine in all areas of our lives. It encourages us to realise the magnitude of our own energy, power, and radiance.

The Thinker


This Servant shows us how to solve problems using our analytical and rational mind. He encourages us to always go with what is logically correct rather than relying on what our hearts may be saying.
The Witch This Servant shows us how to do sorcery and conjure. She encourages us to see the mystery and magic of life.



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