Starting The Journey


OK, good people of the internet, enough with the cryptic stuff, time to tell you exactly what’s going on with “Tommie’s Next Project” or what used to be known as “The Forty Shadows”.
Well, firstly, the whole idea of a deck is gone. I don’t think anyone needs another Servitor deck, everything that is needed in that area is being covered by The Forty Servants already.

Instead, what I will be doing is a yearlong Shadow Working in the style of  “Gate Walking” or “Path working” or similar things, only with Servitors.

I’m was trying very hard to come up with a good name for it, but every one I thought of was just too – I dunno… New Age Tape Series-esque, which I really want to stay away from.  The best I could come up with, and the one I kept coming back to the most was: “The Journey”. I know, it’s still naff, but it needs a name and that’s what we have, for better or worse. But apart from that, it does feel like some sort of Journey to me. It feels like I am off exploring in the dangerous unknown waters – possibly marked with “here be monsters” on a map, if one existed.


Some of you will have seen me mention in various places a few weeks ago that I was dropping the name “The Forty Shadows”. So yea, the name is definitely gone. “The Forty Shadows” is now THE JOURNEY, and while the direction and shape of the project has changed, the underlying reason hasn’t – I still want to use Servitors to help uncover and remove Shadows aspects of myself that are holding me back and causing me pain and unhappiness.

There are other big reasons for the name change:
  • It confuses people into thinking the Shadow Project is connected to the Forty Servants, which it isn’t – it’s a totally separate and different thing altogether, and I absolutely want to stop that confusion.
  • It’s too similar The Forty Servants and I feel this does the Servants a dishonour. It feels a bit like watering down their name and I want to avoid that at all costs
  • There is now only going to be 12 Servitors – one for each month and theme.
Strangely, as soon as I announced on Patreon that “The Forty Shadows” was a move in the wrong direction and that I would be having a rethink –  the entire idea for the proper direction arrived in one big package into my brain within hours. Funny how that works, eh?


Shadow Work



Well, this is the big question. All I can tell you is why I want to do it. 
It seems to me that the biggest shifts in my life have been when I have dropped, or discovered some shitty behaviour or mental activity that I was engaging in. For instance, Magick didn’t really start working for me until I had a good look at my “Victim” playing – I was blocking or stopping the flow because if Magick worked, I could hardly be a victim, right? 
So, it seems logical to me that the more of my shadow or buried stuff I can uncover and bring out to the light the more my life will improve and the more “in flow” I can become. Sorry for the super New Ageyness here, but “flow” really does seem like the best word to describe it.  I have talked before about “Not resisting” and “Flow” is a similar concept.

All these shadow type inner stuff seems to restrict, compress and block my life, and letting them go seems to allow the opposite to happen. The “flow” seems the more natural state that I am opposing or restricting by my inner demons, blackness or shadow. The more crud I can rid myself of the more the Universe (or whatever it is the best word here) seems to open up for me. So, spending a year looking at myself – really looking at myself – and seeing what patterns, lies, games, and horrid stuff I am doing beneath the surface, seems like something very much worth doing. 

Simply put, the idea of THE JOURNEY is to shine a big fucking light into the darkest places of my soul and get rid of as much of the blackness as I can.

 …Using Servitors, because that’s what I do.

But also using Meditation, Journaling and “Dropping” in questions. All of this will be explained more clearly over on Patreon if you decide to join in!


Basically, the idea is that every month for a year we will explore various “shadow” areas and try to work through them using meditation, journaling, and introspection, using the help of dedicated Servitors. Every month will have a new “theme” and a different Servitor to work with.  
It’s a simple idea, but I feel it could be pretty powerful.  


If you want to join me doing this work then we will begin on January the 1st, 2018. I’ll have all the information and downloads available a few days beforehand so that we are good to go on the actual start date – but none of it is going to be complicated- But that’s not to say it’s going to be easy.
The first month will all be about gearing ourselves up for the work ahead. Think of it as packing for the big journey. We will be starting to develop some fundamentals that we will need for the harder work such as:  a daily meditation practice, a weekly “Journeying” session, daily prayers, and daily Journaling. 
The other aim of the first month is to contact our Guide for this work, find out his name and receive his sigil. This Guide will keep us from entering territory that we aren’t ready for but at the same time will push us to look at the things about ourselves we probably don’t want to acknowledge. 
This Servitor will be the only one that doesn’t have a universal name and Sigil as each participant will aim to receive their own unique name and symbol for their own personal use. This Guide will have an image to work with, which is already completed. 

Shadow Work


Over the subsequent months we will be working through: Responsibility, Fear, Truth, Cruelty/Evil, Shame, Anger, Sorrow, Ego, Forgiveness, Death, and lastly in December, Surrender. Every month we will use a new Servitor to help us with the issues and obstacles we are trying to overcome. 

Now, personally I expect a lot of resistance around some of these themes, so I am guessing you will probably be the same. Forgiveness, for example, will be a hard one for me as the intention of that work is to first, confess all your wrong doings, and then, forgive everyone for any wrong you feel they have done to you or the world.

That’s not asking much, right? So yea, I am not expecting this to be easy or comfortable, or indeed for me to even like the process a lot of the time.

A dedicated altar space.
A journal.
A Meditation Timer App
Some sort of Shamanic Drumming audio (loads on YT)
A brave soul


Daily Mantra/Question for introspection
Daily Meditation (minimum 5 minutes)
Weekly Journeying Meditation to meet and talk to the Servitors. (minimum 10 minutes)
Daily journaling in diary
Daily Group Prayer
Daily Candle Offering

Giving Feedback to the group using the “Secret” Facebook group

I’m excited – I’m terrified – but I’m excited.

So, in conclusion, this is what I will be doing next year. This will be my big magickal working in the way that losing weight and getting fit was my big magickal working for this year. This year physical, next year emotional/mental. If you like to join in then head over HERE and sign up at reward level 2 or above. Not only will you get access to all THE JOURNEY stuff, you’ll also be supporting me in doing all the things that I do.


  • I will be posting the high resolution artwork I did for THE FORTY SHADOWS later just to give it some closure. Patrons already have a download link for printable versions. I won’t be including the sigils or names as these servitors were never actually activated and are now defunct. But I thought, some of you might still enjoy the artwork. 
  • The Patreon is not just for “The Journey” – it’s just one of the things that is going on over there. So, if you sign up, know that the Patreon is to support ALL the stuff I do – art, photography, Youtube, Podcast, blog, Forty Servants stuff etc – it’s not just “The Journey” – I feel this is very important to stress.
  • Because so many people have asked me I feel I have to add this: This has NOTHING to do with The Forty Servants, it is a completely different and separate thing. They are not connected in any way other than both use Servitors. Not sure how much clearer I can be about this, but I know some of you will still be confused, so sorry about that. Not sure what I can do.




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