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So, good people of the internet here we are again with another edition of OTHER VOICES! This time I asked the truly amazing Lua Valentia to write a bit about how the Forty Servants erupted in Brazil. Lua is just amazing, and apart from being the translator of The Grimore of The Forty Servants into Portugese, she has a hugely popular YouTube channel, website, and runs a number of fantastic Occult forums. Without doubt, the huge success of The Forty Servants in Brazil is mostly down to her – for which I am truly appreciative off. Anyway, on to the post…

Lua Valentina

The Forty Servants are truly on a journey of their own. If you look closely at the illustrations, you may very well find them breathing, sometimes blinking, staring at you, somehow alive. And the closer you get, the more you realise how rich and real they truly are.

Travelling throughout the globe, they found a place in which they can prosper. This place, Pindorama, as the natives used to call Brazil, embraced them with genuine warmth and excitement.  And so, they became very popular there.

As a Brazilian, I enjoyed every minute of working with the Forty Servants.  However, the language made it difficult for the Brazilians to enjoy all the aspects of them. Therefore, I began my personal task of creating a bridge to connect the two worlds and facilitate communication.

Unfortunately, only 5% of Brazilians speak English, according to the Globo Newspaper. Moreover, given the high value of the US dollar, most of us could not afford the official material of the Forty Servants.
Brazilians are known for their creativity, so I had the pleasure of watching people creating their unique rituals and ways to show gratitude to the Servants, as they proved their extreme efficiency repeatedly.

I encourage Brazilians to post about their results. Since we come from a place with difficulties and pain, in a very hostile political environment, most of the achievements with the Servants could be considered as almost miraculous.

You can find testimonials about a mother who was able to feed their kid after working with the Servants, people finding the love of their lives, and able to conquer all sorts of different and pernicious obstacles.

Consequently, their fame grew exponentially. We managed, with Penumbra Livros, to launch the official material (grimoire and deck included) in Brazil, via crowdfunding. For 40 days I hoped we would be able to reach 100% of the target required to finance the project.

To my surprise, we reached a spectacular number after we requested the Forty Servants themselves to help us. First, we called The Fortunate to help us reach the first 100%, which she did perfectly weeks before the deadline. I had also called The Conductor to manage everything we needed in the astral. Then we called Jerdhel from the Four Devils, to help us reach 200% so we could add them to our deck as a bonus.

To my amazement, they worked hard to scope an extra quantity, so we finally reached 263%, about $40,618.39 dollars. The crowdfunding was a collective effort of more than 900 people.

These numbers show us how astonishing powerful they are, also further efficient. This is the living proof that they work, and people were willing to empower them because they acknowledge their power.
In the end, it’s a symbiotic relationship. They work for us, and in return we spread their message, increasing the power of collective archetypes, feeding them with the attention they deserve, in a looping circle of magick and power. And now it has the Brazilian touch as well: as we create real friendship ties with them along our work together.

Lua Valentia, Brazilian author
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