LIFE: Weight Loss for the Soul Update 5



So, here is the latest update in the Weight Loss for the Soul series.  I had my latest weigh in and I haven’t lost any weight. I actually put on about .3 of a KG. This is mighty disappointing as this was a real long period between weigh ins. 50 days or so. But I should count the blessing as I still have lost 48lbs (22kg) or just under 3 and a half stone since January 2nd. I was hoping to reach my target of 83kg by my 40th birthday at the end of July, but this seems very unlikely now. So be it.


I continued with my jogging doing it 2 to 3 times a week. I was doing it 4 and 5 times a week at the beginning of this period but I was just left with zero energy and I knew that wasn’t sustainable. I managed to get up to 5K in about 34 minutes. Which was a great milestone for me, as 5K was my goal. All this is done on a treadmill, as I’m not interested in out-door running or that sort of thing, I see this purely as cardio and not a jogging hobby. Besides I enjoy using my jogging time to watch a class from The Great Courses (Currently Mind – Body Philosophy).

I kept up with the Yoga too and added some weight lifting back in. Just one body part a day about three times a week. The YOGA I did was mostly Travis Elliot ones, including his YOGA 30 for 30 which is pretty good. I also did some Duncan Wong sessions. I tried to do the jogging, the weights and the yoga in one session but I found I just didn’t have the energy to do a full 30 minutes of yoga after running. Which meant I did less yoga. So I’ll have to re-think this for the next round.


I dropped my calorie intake to 1300 a day and this was really hard. So I added in the calories I gained from exercise, which obviously didn’t work out, so I’ll need to drop that. I also drank wine this time, but mostly within my calorie budget, but not always and again, this will have to be dropped.

I made some bad moves this round though – I ate some whole eggs rather than just egg whites for instance. I also had one Chinese take-away, and we ate out one other time, both of which I probably massively under-counted the calories. There was two trips to the cinema where I ate popcorn and who actually knows what calories are in that.

All of this messing will have to be dropped and I will have to be way more stringent with my counting. I have to get back to being very solid on my tracking and do less estimating of salads and dressings etc. I ate so much salad this round but I did use some dressing that weren’t low-fat. Again counted in the budget but mostly guessed and not actually worked out.

So, not particularly good on the whole tracking on this round. I think the wine and the adding the calories from exercise were the main culprits in my lack of weight loss this round. But it wasn’t just that I over all very undisciplined when it came to my diet this time compared to previous rounds.


I did very little Magick in the last while and none at all to do with my weight or health goals. This must also be playing a factor in the whole thing, so I will also be upgrading this area. I have been so busy with the Grimoire, and the Deck, and The Patreon, and The Podcast, and the Youtube that I probably talk about Magick now more than i actually do it. That has to change.

Next weigh in is the day before my 40th so I’ll update you then.
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