How Not to Look Like Shit in Photos

One of my favourite things about Chaos Magick is the focus on the practical and the pragmatic, but even with this, I feel that I can still overlook very simple things that would greatly improve not only my magick but my life in general.

It is all to easy to only look for a magick or spiritual solution to our problems, but sometimes it is better, easier and simpler to do the non-woowoo things.

Which brings us nicely to this new Glamour Magick series here on AIWW. This series will focus on how to improve how we look and feel about ourselves, using techniques that could probably be best labeled as “Lesser Magick”. The approach will be similar to Anton LaVey’s The Satanic Witch – which wiki tells us is a “treatise on lesser magic, a system of manipulation by means of applied psychology and glamour (or “wile and guile”) to bend an individual or situation to one’s will.”

But there will always be a bit of unashemed Woo Woo here and there. That’s what we do here after all.

In this first blog I want to talk about something that I have always struggled with, and am still very much battling battling with as my video below will attest to! However, I have done some research and I feel I have found some solutions and tools that will massively improve the situation.

What my problem? Looking like Shit in photos!


Here’s a photo of me from a few months back when I won Photo of the Month at my Photography Club. While there is an element of “hey, look how awesome I am for winning” to showing you this, the real reason is to point out just how fucking terrible I look here. If you are new to the blog you may not be aware of my struggles with self image and weight, but seeing this photo really got to me. I mean just look at that fat neck!

Now, of course, it is fair to say that a lot of the reason I have a fat neck in this photo is that I am still overweight and actually have a fat neck – BUT there are a number of things that I could do to improve it. Remember Chandler from Friends? That’s basically me.

I get so uptight about smiling and trying to look half human when my photo is being taken, that I pull back my head and basically do a grimace. This shortens and widens my neck and really accentuates the fat, and offers me a number of double of triple chins depending on the light. I am also wary of having a wide open mouth smile because I am afraid this will further widen my face and just add to the over all fat head look.

The end result is that I look extremely uncomfortable and awkward – and when I see photos of myself I basically lose the will to live, which means I have a massive aversion to having my photo taken. I just know I will look terrible in it.

So I went looking for some help, and I found it.  First, have a look at the video below, where I talk through some of the ideas, tips, and tricks that, in theory, should make you look more presentable and attractive in photos. I’m still quite awkward in it, but hopefully I get the point across well enough that it might help you out if you find yourself in the same situation as me.

Secondly, here are some of the Videos where I found these ideas. They are worth your time and go into greater detail.



And just for completeness sake, and extra showing off, here’s me winning Image of the Month again last week using the neck trick. Smile needs improving but I don’t look quite as bad as the first one.

And that’s it, good people of the internet –  let me know if you have any good Glamour Magick tips and tricks for looking better in photos, or if there are any Glamour Magick topics you’d like me to cover.

Until next time, BE WELL!




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