I would like to say that this is written as a well-timed follow up to the reaction I received to the blog I posted last Thursday about Chaos Magick and Catholicism,  but the honest truth is that this was already mostly written as a subsection to that post. In the end, it didn’t really fit in so I removed it. But it still needed a home, so here it is.


There is one big thing I miss about Catholicism.

I like the idea of a Jesus-esque being who I could look to as a blueprint of a perfected divine being. Having a divine figure or teacher that I could look up to and try to emulate is something I would like to have at my disposal. Not to worship him. mind you – more to model him in an NLP sense.

I don’t think I am alone in this either.

In my experience it seems that a lot of people who think they have left Christianity behind them and found a new worldview, have only really shuffled the names of the major players around. They are still getting more or less the same thing but in a version that aligns more with who they feel they are as a person. Also, they want different aesthetics.

In some LHP circles I have come across, it sometimes really feels like all that is being done is that Jesus has been turned into Lucifer, and then everyone just carries on as they were previously. (Not all of them of course, and if this doesn’t discripe your personal LHP views, then know I am not talking about you…probably.)

I think it may be fair to say that to some noticeable extent, Lucifer has become the Chaos Magick Jesus – the true Lightbringer, The Redeemer, the True Saviour – and I totally get why this happens. I think a messiah-type being would be extremely helpful to have about. A being who is a blueprint of a perfection, in whatever way we individually choose that to be, who we could look to in challenging situations and learn from them about what the right courses of action would be.

And for most Chaos Magick people, looking to Jesus as the blueprint for perfection just isn’t an option as there is just too much baggage attached to him at this point. And also, in many, many ways Jesus is a far from a perfect being. I mean, what exactly is the deal with that fig tree story? The Messiah I am looking for is a being who is infinitely better at everything than I am, and this includes knowing all the things – including that Fig trees don’t have fruit all year round.

Personally, I could make a list here of all the reasons why I feel emulating the Catholic Jesus would be a downgrade rather than an upgrade to my personal development journey, but I don’t want to make this a “my issues with Jesus” post – I’ll just say that Catholic Jesus, to my mind, comes across as massively judgey and intolerant, and that is the opposite of what I want to be.

I want to be more tolerant and open to different life approaches. I want less restriction not more of it- I want expansion. I think I would become a lesser person than I am if I took Jesus as my model. But I would still like a model.

The Model I am looking for is some being who aligns with my values and outlooks, a being that I could respect and be in awe of, in the sense being so impressed by who they are. Someone who makes me feel better about myself and the world. Someone who can show me how to be a better person. A being who by their example I would see the road I should follow.

But I also don’t want to just jump on the Lucifer boat either because that feels equally inauthentic to me. It’s the same story told from a different point of view and something about it just doesn’t sit well with me. There is an attraction there, but a big hesitation too.

That may change, of course, and I’m not gonna rule anything out for the future. But for the minute me and Lucifer are good, though I do feel there is something better to be done with the Lucifer archetype than just making him a renamed Jesus.

I can totally understand why some Chaos Magicians look to fictional heroes as spirit guides. Real people always seem to let you down or end up being just as human as the rest of us with all the failings and imperfections that comes with that. And as we have seen even the spiritual masters leave a lot to be desired.

So, while it makes a lot of sense to me, why people would look to Superman or Spock, or Sherlock or whomever, for me it unfortunately I just can’t get into it because I can never find a fictional character that I align with totally. There is always something that puts me off. It also feels a bit hokey.


I guess it wouldn’t be a post written by me if I didn’t mention The Forty Servants at least once.  But I have honestly found a solution to my blueprint needs within The Forty Servants system.

There is a servant called The Master and he is in many ways my perfect idea of a Chaos Magick Messiah. It’s not a Jesus figure made in my image, with my values or morals or whatever. No, instead The Master is the perfected being in whatever sense “perfected” means to the person who uses the servant.

The Master is you perfected, not my idea of perfection or the Catholic church’s idea of perfection, or Crowley’s, or your parent’s, or anyone else’s idea of perfection – it’s you, only perfect! He is who you will become when you have all the work done, when all your kinks have been straightened out and you evolve into the best version of yourself. Think of how much you will learn in the next ten years, then think of how much your Higher self will learn in the next thousand years – or a million years. That’s the being The Master  symbolises.

For me, this means he represents all the things I want form a Jesus / Lucifer  like being but without all the bullshit, rules, restriction, shame, baggage, edgelording or guilt or whatever.

For you he will represent your highest calling and values.  It may suit you better to think of THE MASTER in less Christian terms though. You can see him as your Holy Guardian Angel/ Daemon/ Perfected Self/ Higher Self/ Ascended Master/ Watcher or whatever name they choose to call it.

So check him out if you think that may be of help to you.

You can find out more about THE MASTER HERE and more about THE FORTY SERVANTS in general HERE!