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I have said before that I don’t really have a Magickal Origin Story – a High-Strangeness event that convinces you, without any doubt, that Magick exits and your day to day existence is not as it seems. I have vague moments where I catch a glimpse of something other, but there’s no single experience that I would consider a Crossing the Rubicon type moment. Drugs, particularly psilocybin, DMT or LSD are usually the most touted ways to have one of these experiences, but while I’ve never had DMT, I have had psilocybin and LSD and found, for me at least, absolutely nothing spiritual or enlightening about them. The experiences were certainly weird and unusual, and at least a few of them were tremendously unpleasant, but ultimately it all just felt like being on drugs and nothing more.

My Week in the Occult – Week 25: 2016

In a blend of old and new, from the Occult, Paranormal, Esoteric, Spiritual, Supernatural, Weird Science and High Strangeness realms, this week I have been mostly watching, reading, writing and listening to…

MAGICK PRIMER 03: Sigils, Sigils, Sigils

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To be honest, so much has been written about Sigils that I am not sure I can add anything of any shiny newness to the topic. But, a Magick Primer wouldn’t really be complete without some mention of Sigils. So instead of a big complicated treatise on the subject, I will try to make it as clear and precise as possible and then link you to some good resources if you want to delve a bit deeper into the area.

A sigil is a Magick symbol you create that changes the world around you in a predetermined way.

Artwork: Cover for Gordon White’s Pieces of Eight

Cover for Gordon White’s Pieces of Eight

Gordon White has just announced his new book  Pieces of Eight over on Rune Soup, so I guess I can now announce that I did the artwork for the cover, which I am delighted to show you below. For more info on the book click HERE to head on over to Runesoup!

Pieces of Eight Cover Artwork
Pieces of Eight by Gordon White


Pieces of Eight Cover Artwork
Pieces of Eight full Cover Artwork

Those Pesky Limiting Beliefs

If you have been following the blog over the past few weeks you will know that I have been on a bit of a quest recently. It all started when I wondered why some of my Magick ended up getting me the exact opposite of what I wanted or often made the situation worse. After that  lots of you suggested that I look into the idea of maybe being cursed, hexed or otherwise negatively contaminated. So, I did some banishing rituals and finally wound up doing an Uncrossing ritual. In the end though, it became clear to me, that my problem was me, and not some malignant outside force or demonic oppression. If I was going to find resolution to all this, I would have to look within rather than without.