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The Forty Servants

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UPDATE 2: The Forty Servants Guide book is Now available in Brazilian Portuguese HERE!
UPDATE 3: The Forty Servants Guide book is Now available in Spanish HERE! 
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The cards and Servitors of the Forty Servant Deck are as follows,
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The Print Versions of THE FORTY SERVANTS can be purchased from The Game Crafter:

The Forty Servants Box

The FORTY SERVANTS Standard Edition

40 High Quality, UV Coated, Tarot Sized Full Colour Cards sealed in a box


40 High Quality, UV Coated and Linen Texture, Tarot Sized Full Colour Cards sealed in a box

The limited Edition is the same as the standard edition other than the box and back of Cards have a White Design rather than the standard black design. This edition will strictly limited to 40 decks.

forty servants


The Forty Servants

You can download a zip file of the Cards as Printable PNGs HERE. You can Pay What You Want for this, but there is a minimum charge of €10.

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The Forty Servants guidebook

The Forty Servants PDF Guidebook contains loads of information on each of the Forty Servants and is available HERE. It is again Pay What You Want but in this case you can enter ZERO as minimum payment.

The Forty Servants Guidebook is also available in Brazilian Portuguese HERE!
The Forty Servants Guidebook is also available in Spanish HERE! 

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Visit the store HERE for high quality Signed A5 Art Print Altar Cards of each of the Servants!

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I initially wanted to create THE FORTY SERVANTS as a tool that I could use for myself in my own personal practice, but as I began to post images of the Cards/Servitors on the website and social media, it became clear that other people were interested in using it too. Which is great!

I am extremely proud of the Deck; it flowed out of me almost as if I was just the channel rather than the creator – but I certainly wouldn’t go so far as to say this is channelled work. Although at times, it really did feel like other hands were at work alongside me. It reminded me of when I was writing THEM and THE HOLY NUMBERS – there was a point where the characters took over and I became as much a witness to the story unfolding, as the readers were. The difference is that the reader didn’t have to get up every morning and actual do the writing and drawing, were I most certainly did.

I felt somewhat like a sculptor who had to chip away at the stone until the statue revealed itself, rather than me forcing my ideas on the stone. I feel that the Characters from this deck have a life of their own, and seem to have a purpose which is probably better known to them than I.

In short: The Servants found me, rather than I found them. If you are a creator of any kind then I as quite sure you understand exactly what I mean when I say this, but if not, just trust me that I am not as insane as I sound… I hope. This guide book, however, presented a challenge for me.

I was – and still am- very hesitant to give definitive definitions or uses for the cards. I see them growing and evolving as people use them and I really don’t want to hinder that process by giving so much information that people think that the cards abilities or meanings are limited to what I have written here. So please take all that follows as suggestion, rather than rule. If a Card speaks to you differently than it does to me, then please follow your gut. The best guide to what the Cards and Servants are the Servants themselves; they will reveal all if you ask them to.

The Servitors themselves were all called into being, or activated, or whatever we choose to call it, on Halloween Night, 2016, in a very intense ritual that involved them being baptised by the elements of earth air, fire and water, along with some Holy Oil and a toast of white wine. The Original Images used in this life giving creation were placed and sealed in a special black box and have remained on my altar since, although I will be moving them to a more permanent place when the opportunity arises.

May The Forty Servants serve you well!

Divination is a process to gain insight into a question or situation by way of a special ritual.  Diviners can gain their insights by reading Cards, throwing dice, reading tea leaves, noticing signs, events, or omens, or through contact with a supernatural agency the dead, or a host of other ways, systems and paths. Particular divination methods vary by culture and religion. Divination is not quite fortune-telling as that seems to more preoccupy itself with just predicting the future, whereas Divination can be used to gain insight into the past, present or future.

Like all Magick, Divination seems to work ridiculously well sometimes and not at all at others. I have yet to hear a great explanation for why this is, but it is pretty much the experience of any Magick or Divination practitioner I have spoken to. Maybe, on some occasions it’s just simply the wrong time for it – like many things in life. For instance, when you are really stressed or anxious it would be reasonable to suggest that you probably wouldn’t see the answer in front of you as easily as when you are relaxed and calm. But lots of factors, known and unknown could be involved.

For me, I find Divination works best when you are trying to figure out something about an event occurring in the present or the past, rather than trying to predict the long-term future. It’s great for helping you work out your thoughts or feelings on present situations, unravel events of the past, or for giving advice on decisions to be made in or for the future. In my experience, it is less reliable when predicting the future, although not useless.

That said, Divination can tell you what may happen in the future (or more correctly what the most likely outcome is). Patterns can be recognised that will lead to future events probably occurring, as long as you do nothing in the meantime to change the course of these events. However, the Catch 22 is that as soon as you have this information about the future, you have already started to change it.

The traditional advice given is to only do divination for the short term future, as the more you go into the distant future the less accurate the reading will be. That said, it may just be the case that I am not terribly gifted at using Divination for fortune-telling, your experience may be extremely different. So experiment for yourself and find what works best for you.

Divination is often dismissed by the scientific community and sceptics as being superstitious nonsense and I guess from their point-of-view that is totally understandable. Most of the Fortune-telling in the media, books, films and TV is bullshit and there are so many frauds and Charlatans out there who really are just in it to make money or get attention. Perhaps not all, though.

Of course, I obviously don’t think divination should be totally dismissed. It can be a brilliant tool if used wisely and even If you don’t buy the idea that information can be gleaned by some unknown or “supernatural” means, you can still get a lot out of these Cards as Meditation tools or with Archetype work.

For those non-believing readers, I see Divination as a very helpful way to look at events in your life and make sense of things going on around you. The Cards can make you look at events or people from a different angle or perspective and allow you to see your story (or other people’s ideas and opinions) from outside of your own head. The Cards will trigger something in your mind that can lead you to different ideas or solutions, or make you see things in a new light.

However, those who do believe in the “Spooky” side of Cartomancy will probably get the most from it and will find the Deck to be a wonderful tool for insight and prediction.

If you are looking for The FORTY SERVANTS GUIDEBOOK PDF then the link is above
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The forty servants


One of the first questions that people ask on Occult forums and discussions boards is: What exactly is Magick? For the answer we can look to many sources who have tried to give a clear, precise and working definition of what it is.

Aleister Crowley defined Magick as: “the Science and Art of causing Change to occur in conformity with Will” and later added that “Every intentional act is a Magical Act”.

Donald Michael Kraig changed this to: “Magick is the science and art of causing change (in consciousness) to occur in conformity with will, using means not currently understood by traditional Western science”.

Gordon White sees Magick as“Probability enchancement”, and someone, somewhere, for the life of me I can’t remember who, defined it as “the art of getting lucky on purpose”.

Alan Chapman believes “Magick is the art of experiencing truth.”  but also very correctly states that “There isn’t a man, woman or child on this planet that does not know what magick is”.


To me, this is somewhat the wrong question.

The better question is: Is it useful? Besides, what exactly is “real”? Statistically, it appears, or at least it is currently fashionable to suggest, we are more likely to be in a computer simulation than in base reality – so our ideas of “real” may be quite foolish. Though, it’s really hard to say from our current vantage point.

My question has always been: Does following the techniques, practices, ideas or systems of Magick lead me closer to health, happiness, satisfaction, prosperity, creativity, contentment or wisdom? If the answer is yes, I keep them, if not, I drop them. The practices and ideas that work best for me are the ones that I have developed into this deck.

Now, I am not aiming to convince YOU or anyone else that Magick, Divination or any of the ideas I talk about, are real (again, whatever “real” is), but I have to assume if you are reading this or want to use the Deck, then you must have at least a passing interest or belief in Magick or Divination.

But if not, I won’t be arguing with you or trying to convince you otherwise. If you don’t believe in it then there is nothing anyone can do or say that will change your mind, so argument is pointless. You trying to convince me that I am wrong is also equally pointless, I have heard your arguments before and just don’t buy it. No one really has a clue what’s going on and to pretend otherwise and demand that someone agrees with how you see life is nothing more than arrogance to me.

I wrote some posts on the topic that might give you a clearer understanding of the topic. Maybe 🙂
Why “IS MAGICK REAL?” is the Wrong Question
MAGICK PRIMER 01: Where to Start
Eat the Ice-Cream

If you are looking for The FORTY SERVANTS GUIDEBOOK PDF then the link is above
To buy the deck CLICK HERE! The Facebook Group is HERE!
If you are looking for the Card Meanings then
they are at the top of this page!

The forty servants


Just like Divination Magick works unbelievably well at times and absolutely not at all at other times even with all factors being equal. There is an often touted “get out clause” that suggests that Magick always works but not in the way you wanted. For instance, you do Magick to win the lottery but you don’t win it. If Magick is Probability Enhancement, as some suggest, then the Magick worked – it’s just that it lowered your odds from 50 million to 1, to 25 Million to 1. A huge feat in itself, but ultimately of no help whatsoever. It also is totally unfalsifiable and therefore a bit useless of an idea. I prefer just to say it did or didn’t work.
When it works, you’ll know it has worked. You feel it. But quickly afterwards the world tries to normalise the event and it becomes less and less Magick seeming as time goes on. Rational thought convinces you of mundane explanations and eventually you doubt the whole experience completely. This is why it is very important to keep a Magick Diary with details of success and failure. Take note of the Feeling when you know the Magick has worked, that seems to be the big indicator to me.
People often dismiss the whole phenomenon of thinking about someone and then they phone you, or you meet them, or something similar. Sceptics say that we think about people all the time and when nothing unusual happens and we just forget about it. We only remember the times when something weird occurs and then we convince ourselves that some sort of ESP has occurred.

There probably is a lot of truth in this, but I don’t totally buy it. When these things happen it feels radically different. I have often thought of people, we all have, but when one of these experiences happen the whole feeling is totally different. It’s not the same at all as just thinking of someone. It’s a very unique feeling – and to me that’s what Magick feels like.
When it works. And when it works it really, really works.
When it doesn’t, you just try again – there really does seems to be a practice element to it. It also seems to work better when you believe it will but this isn’t a total necessity. In my opinion, I think this has more to do with you relaxing and loosening your control or resistance to failure than belief being the key ingredient (yes, yes, I know I now lose my Chaos Magick Member Card 🙂 ).

I am pretty sure you could totally not believe it will work and still have it work, as long as you really don’t care either way what happens. This is often called removing “Lust of Result” but I don’t totally gel with that expression as it implies you can’t want something and still get it, or that it’s the act of “wanting” is what stops you from getting the thing you want. I don’t believe that. I think the worry that you won’t get what you want is a bigger factor in failure than the lust of wanting it. I hope that makes sense.

So, I say: want away! Just chill on worrying about it not happening. When you are convinced that something will happen it usually does (the feeling is different).

But again, sometimes is just doesn’t work and there is no knowable reason, or at least one that is currently acceptable to me.

As always, Your Mileage May Vary.

The forty servants

If you are looking for The FORTY SERVANTS GUIDEBOOK PDF then the link is above
To buy the deck CLICK HERE! The Facebook Group is HERE!
If you are looking for the Card Meanings then
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Chaos Magick, is a postmodern magical tradition which emphasizes the pragmatic use of belief systems and the creation of new and unorthodox methods.

Chaos magic is an attitude, a philosophy that promotes experimentation, play, and creativity while discarding dogmatic rules. It points out that the techniques more than the symbols are what matter and that our belief in a system is actually what makes it work.

But for me, Chaos Magick, is about using whatever technique works rather than sticking to the traditional rules and doing it “correctly”.

For more information on Chaos Magick I would suggest you read:
Advanced Magick for Beginners by Alan Chapman.
– Liber Null and Psychonaut By Peter Carroll
– Pieces of Eight by Gordon White
– SSOTBME by Ramsey Dukes
– Prime Chaos by Phil Hine

Or spend some time on the blog and podcast.


I have said that each card is also a Servitor, but what exactly is a Servitor?

Well, a Servitor is essentially a thought-form servant that is created in order to do a particular purpose or fulfil a certain function. If enough people put energy or belief into it, it becomes an Egregore, which is the ultimate aim of this Deck.

An example of a servitor would be a huge demon beast which would be told to guard the creator’s home. It’s a bit like a Tulpa, if that word is familiar to you, but not exactly – there are a lot of differences.

So each of The Forty Servants have a particular role or power that they can be asked to use to aid you. Some are for Protection, some for Good Luck, some for Knowledge and some have a number of functions.

Servitors need to be “fed” to stay in existence, but I have set these Servitors to live on attention and from then being used. The more you use them and the more you think about them, the more powerful they will become. In fact, the more other people use them the better they will work for all of us.


Sigils are an inscribed or painted symbol considered to have magical power. Each Card/Character in the deck has a unique Sigil that can be used to activate the card in your ritual work. These symbols can be used at any time; you don’t have to have the cards in front of you to avail of their power and magick.

The forty servants


This is really down to personal taste and so I don’t want to say that there is only one way to use the Deck. You will find the best system for you, or a number of spreads for different situations.

My personal preference is a three card reading, where you ask the question and then randomly pick out three cards with one being for The Past, one for The Present and the last one for The Future. Then look up what the Cards mean or suggest for each section.

Another simple and quick method is to ask “What do I need to know right now?” or “What is my best next move?” or similar and then pick one card randomly from the Deck. This is a surprisingly effective method.

While The Forty Servants is not a Tarot Deck, you can still utilise the well known spreads in your readings. Here’s some links:

You can do readings for yourself or for other people with this deck. But a caveat when doing reading for yourself – you can be too close to some situations to really get an objective view on it so you might be better served to have someone else do the reading for you.


If you are looking for the GUIDEBOOK PDF then the link is above
To buy the deck CLICK HERE! The Facebook Group is HERE!
If you are looking for the Card Meanings then
they are at the top of this page!


There are a number of ways that you can incorporate the Servitors into your Magick.

The simplest method is pick a Card that you feel will help you solve the problem you are experiencing. Then place it somewhere that no one else will see or disturb it (or on your altar if you have one). Light a candle in front of it and ask for the Servitors help. Speak to it like you would speak to anyone else, as if they are right there in front of you. Lighting incense can also be helpful.

For bigger Workings you could do a 3, 5, 7 or 9 Day Novena where you light a fresh candle daily and speak your wishes out loud to the card, as a prayer or just a statement of desire. A public thank you is sometimes offered as “payment” after the desired outcome has been achieved (never give the Thanks offering before then), but this isn’t mandatory. Find your own way to thank them, but do thank them.

This method involves you identifying with the card and letting the energy come into your body or mind or personality, depending on the desired result. This is probably best explained with an example.

Say you have a public talk to give and it terrifies you. You could pick a Card like THE MASTER and invoke him into you. THE MASTER is you when you have all your issues sorted out and when you have become the perfect person you want to be. This perfected person would have no problems talking to people, so for the time of the event you can borrow this energy and wear it as your own.

To Invoke, simple see the energy of the card come into your body. Feel what it feels like to be that energy or person. How would that person walk, talk or act? This takes a bit of practice but is quite effective once you get the hang of it.

Binding, in this case, is when you want to have something bound or attached to you, such as GOOD FORTUNE (The Fortunate), CREATIVITY (The Idea) or SEXUAL PROWESS (The Carnal). To do this you can use the Sigil from the Card and draw it on your body or on something (like a stone or paper) and carry it with you as a Talisman.

You can also draw the Sigils in the air (either with your mind or you finger) if you need to use them when you don’t have the deck at hand. An example would be to draw THE PROTECTOR sigil in the air if you are in a situation that makes you feel threatened or scared.

You can also bind Servitors to other people, but doing this without their permission is sometime considered bad form or if severe enough – Black Magick! I’ll leave it up to you to decide on this area. Who am I to tell you what your boundaries should be.

To bind other people, use the same techniques above, with the easiest method being to visualise the respective sigil entering their body. This is great for sending Healing (The Healer) or sending Good Luck (The Fortunate), or even to Curse someone (The Desperate or The Depleted).

Banishing is when you want to get rid of something. Need to cut ties with a Lover? Then you could draw the sigil of THE LOVERS on a stone and throw it into a lake while stating your intent and desire to be free. If you had someone who is giving you a hard time at work, you could use the Sigil of THE OPPOSER. Write it on a piece of paper and burn it, throw it in the trash or walk to the edge of your town and leave it there without looking back. You could also write the name of the person on paper, add the sigil of the desired Card and then put it in your freezer to chill out.

There are plenty of ways to do these things, but the most effective methods will be the ones that you come up with yourself and feel powerful to you.

The forty servants

If you are looking for The FORTY SERVANTS GUIDEBOOK PDF then the link is above
To buy the deck CLICK HERE! The Facebook Group is HERE!
If you are looking for the Card Meanings then
they are at the top of this page!



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